Power Rangers:
Bulk & Skull

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Behold the Purple and Orange Rangers!

Meet the two newest Power Rangers: Bulk and Skull!? That's right! Desperate times call for desperate measures!

With the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers captured, Zordon has called two very unlikely heroes into action. These two teenagers with even more attitude are Angel Grove’s only hope.

This expansion requires Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid to play!


Number of Players: 2-5
For Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 45-60 Minutes
MSRP: $20.00


  • 2 Ranger Figures

  • 2 Character Cards

  • 20 Combat Cards

  • 2 Zord Cards


This product is a Renegade Exclusive - available only through our webstore and at select conventions!

Power Rangers: Bulk and Skull Expansion
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Power Ranger: Heroes of the Grid products are not available to the continent of Asia.

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Jonathan Ying


Rob Guillory

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