The Haark

Of all the Virtues, humanity can claim Will as its own.

It is said that like an arrow of intent, Will is the force of the self. The willpower to establish your being, formulate your needs and claim them from the world. Will is also a shield. Its own defense, a bulwark against the assault of others. Its light is Yellow, reflected off the face of a gold coin, a theoretical idea turned into tangible reality.

And nowhere is the Virtue of Will more evident than upon the shard called Haark. A single magnificent city, covering almost the entirety of the largest of Shards. 

It is home to humankind, called the Haarkeen. It is also the center of commerce and trade, and the meeting place for the Council of Seven, the parliament of representatives from all the Folk, convened to adjudicate trade relations and settle disputes. Being the most centrally located of the shards, Haark is also the most cosmopolitan, and it is not uncommon to interact with people from many Folk, especially in the Great Market, a bazaar filled with many wonders.