The Banyan

The shard is the Folk, is the color,  is the Virtue.

At our next stop, even the youngest child can see the connection between the emerald light of Compassion and the endless trees and grasses of the shard called Banyan.

Here, the mysterious Banyari tribes are almost as distinct from one another as they are from the other Folk. Each tribe upon this forested shard is inextricably linked to their unique Hearthwood Tree, a spiritual relationship that is poorly understood. These monumental wooden behemoths serve both as spiritual centers and, somehow, as physical progenitors of the appearance and biology of the symbiotic Banyari, some of which seem to be part plant, while others take different forms. As a whole, the Banyari are generally quiet and kind, and keep to themselves.

     Early Concept of Banyari by Kwanchai!

    Early Concept of Banyari by Kwanchai!


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