Renegade and Frosted Games to Publish Uwe Rosenberg's Reykholt

March 14th, 2018 (San Diego, CA) Renegade Game Studios and Frosted Games are pleased to announce a partnership to release upcoming games in English. The first game under this new agreement will be Reykholt, designed by Uwe Rosenberg. With serene and beautiful art from Lukas Siegmon, Reykholt will release at the Internationale Spieltage in Essen, Germany this fall.

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In Iceland, you can climb volcanoes, admire polar lights, count sheep and eat local tomatoes. Due to the use of geothermal energy, the island is a vegetable paradise. Rent greenhouses and farm a variety of vegetables while attracting the most tourists to your farm. Expand your assortment rapidly and after eight seasons the player with the widest array wins.
“Frosted Games has built up an array of top quality games, to be released in the upcoming years,” explains Scott Gaeta. “It is such a pleasure to be working with a wonderful partner located right in the center of the modern European game movement. Kicking off this partnership with a game from famed designer, Uwe Rosenberg, sets the bar high. We look forward to exceeding expectations with future releases through this partnership.”


“Renegade is first choice for a US partnership. I've known Scott for several years and this industry insight and market sense has made Renegade a business cornerstone I’m very happy to work with,” says Matthias Nagy. “Scott not only has a longtime insight into the biggest board game market, he also has the knack for making even the weirdest themes accessible. I really look forward to this partnership.”
Reykholt will be released this fall during the annual game fair in Essen, Germany Oct. 25th-28th. Later this year, fans will be encouraged to pre-order games in English or German for pick up at the fair or through their friendly local game store.
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Renegade Consolidates Distribution in Canada Universal and Alliance Share Canadian Market

San Diego, CA (March 14th, 2018) – Renegade Game Studios is pleased to announce a change in distribution to focus efforts on the Canadian market. Effective immediately, Universal and Alliance North will be the only distributors offering future titles from Renegade Game Studios.

Renegade Game Studios will continue to work with US distributors including Alliance Game Distributors, ACD Distribution, GTS Distribution, Southern Hobby Supply, and PHD Games to fill the needs of hobby stores in this region.
Consolidating our distribution network in Canada will allow us to focus on our main mission, creating excellent games,” explains Sara Erickson, Director of Sales and Marketing at Renegade Game Studios. “We will be able to offer more targeted promotional programs for our retailer partners and fans in this important region.
Marketing initiatives and program details will be covered during a seminar sponsored by Universal and presented by Renegade Game Studios during the GAMA trade show in Reno Nevada March 12th-16th. More information about this seminar and upcoming programs are available through Universal Distribution and Renegade Game Studios.

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Renegade Game Studios and Saban Brands are partnering to create Saban’s Power Rangers tabletop games.  

Renegade Game Studios and Saban Brands are partnering to create Saban’s Power Rangers tabletop games.  

Inspired by the iconic, 25-year franchise, the upcoming tabletop games will be focused on fan experiences that uphold the Power Rangers’ brand core values of teamwork, inclusivity, and diversity.  Featuring the globally recognized Rangers as well as well known villains, locations, and more, these games will reward super fans and also, intrigue players who have recently been introduced to the brand.
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Architects to be Co-Published by Garphill Games & Renegade Game Studios!

SAN DIEGO, CA (March 12TH, 2018) Renegade Game Studios is partnering up with Garphill Games to co-publish a new trilogy of games starting with Architects of the West Kingdom! Thanks to the designer of Raiders of the North Sea, Shem Phillips, and first-time designer S J Macdonald, we can now visit the Carolingian Empire as Royal Architects. In the North Sea trilogy, you are Vikings experiencing pillaging, raiding, exploring and in the West Kingdom, you are playing architects, creating important landmarks.

Architects of the West Kingdom is set at the end of the Carolingian Empire, circa 850 AD. As royal architects, players compete to impress their King and maintain their noble status by constructing various landmarks throughout his newly appointed domain. Players will need to collect raw materials, hire apprentices and keep a watchful eye on their workforce. These are treacherous times. Rival architects will stop at nothing to slow your progress. Will you remain virtuous, or be found in the company of thieves and black marketeers?


The aim of Architects of the West Kingdom is to be the player with the most Victory Points (VP) at the game’s end. Points are gained by constructing various Buildings and advancing work on the Archbishop’s Cathedral. Throughout the game, players will need to make a lot of moral decisions. However, only at the game’s end will their virtue be judged. A few underhanded deals here and there might not seem like much, but fall too far and you will be punished. The game ends once a set number of constructions have been completed.


Architects of the West Kingdom will have an MSRP of $50, is designed for 1-5 players to enjoy in 60-80 min., and will captivate gamers ages 12 and up.

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Architects of the West Kingdom

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Renegade Game Studios is excited to be working with Jon for the Kids on Bikes Role Playing Game!

In Kids on Bikes, you take on the roles of everyday people grappling with strange and very powerful forces that they cannot defeat, control, or fully understand.Renegade Game Studios is excited to be working with Jon for the Kids on Bikes Role Playing Game!

In Kids on Bikes, you take on the roles of everyday people grappling with strange and very powerful forces that they cannot defeat, control, or fully understand.

Everyone who joins in live can ask
Jon all of their burning questions!

We will be airing 6pm PST/ 9pm EST

Join the event here!

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We’re Alive: Frontier Premiers using Outbreak: Undead 2nd Ed. System

Project Alpha’s newest show, We’re Alive: Frontier debuted Feb 28, 2018 using the backbone of Outbreak Undead 2nd Editions survival horror RPG System. With Ivan Van Norman at the helm, this show promises to be brutal, dynamic, and suspenseful.  Fans will be on the edge of their seats as players that can’t cut it in this harsh world are booted from the table.


Download: We're Alive Show Guide

Outbreak: Undead 2nd Edition was successfully funded on Kickstarter in late 2017 with an expected release of fall 2018. Hunters Books and Renegade Game Studios have teamed up to publish Outbreak: Undead 2nd Edition as well as Kids on Bikes and other future projects.

Fans can get a sneak peek of this fascinating world every Wednesday on Geek & Sundry’s Project For those wanting to dive into their own adventure this fall, pre-orders are open here and will be fulfilled when the game releases.
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Outbreak Undead 2nd Ed. 

Junk Orbit to be released this June!

San Diego, CA (Feb 27th, 2018) Renegade Game Studios is excited to announce, Junk Orbit, an extraterrestrial game from designer Daniel Solis. Blast off in this fresh pick-up and deliver, set collection game with unique movement mechanics.  

"Junk Orbit is a fantastic and very accessible space delivery game that I’m excited for both families and gamers to play!" says Dan Bojanowski, Senior Producer at Renegade Game Studios. "Daniel Solis has done a great job of creating a game with interesting movement and decision-making with plenty of fun nods to sci-fi pop culture.  Junk Orbit has tons of replayability with advanced sides for all boards and extra ship powers to try out."


Available for pre-order now at
Hobby Retail Stores across North America.

Space. The final junkyard. Good thing one planet’s trash is another planet’s treasure! You're a captain of your own scavenging spaceship, picking up space junk and transporting it to any city that will take it. Launch your junk... uh... *cargo* out of your airlock to propel your ship!  Race to deliver your cargo as you navigate the orbits of nearby planets and moons!  It’s astrodynamics for fun and profit!

  • Captain your own salvage spaceship to collect Junk!
  • Carefully navigate your ship using the gravitational pull of the planets!
  • Deliver your cargo to collect profit!
  • For 2-5 Space Captains Ages 10+
  • Enjoy in 30-40 min.

Contents Summary:

  • 128 Junk tiles
  • 5 Ship Tokens
  • 5 Ship Cards
  • 5 Double Sided Boards
  • 1 Rulebook 

At a Glance

Junk Orbit is in hobby stores summer 2018. This card game will have an MSRP of $35, is designed for 2-5 players to enjoy in 30-40 min., and will captivate gamers ages 10 and up. 

Moon B.jpg

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The Tea Dragon Society Card Game Announced!

Renegade Game Studios and Oni Press announce The Tea Dragon Society Card Game

San Diego, CA (February 26, 2018) — Renegade Game Studios™ and Oni Games are delighted to announce The Tea Dragon Society Card Game, an innovative deck-building game by Steve Ellis & Tyler Tinsley. Based on the Oni Press Graphic Novel The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill, readers and tabletop fans will appreciate the detail and care to stay true to the heart of the story. 

"Katie O'Neill does a wonderful job of crafting delightful, diverse, and inclusive stories," explains Scott Gaeta, President of Renegade Game Studios. "The Tea Dragon Society is the perfect example of how she can pull you into a completely unique and beautiful world. We're honored to be working with Oni Press to bring her work to a whole new audience."

"We're absolutely delighted to be working with Renegade Games to bring Katie O'Neill's enchanting graphic novel to a whole new medium!" says Oni Press executive editor Ari Yarwood. "The Tea Dragon Society is one of the books that I am most proud of editing because every page is filled with such genuine joy. I can't wait for people to experience the wonderful world of Tea Dragon care-taking by playing this perfectly crafted game, which so concisely captures the warmth and happiness of the book, while also letting you bond with your very own Tea Dragon!" 


Discover the ancient art form of Tea Dragon caretaking within this enchanting world of friendship and fantasy. Create a bond between yourself and your Tea Dragon that grows as you progress through the seasons creating memories to share forever.
Each player's deck represents their own Tea Dragon. From turn to turn, players will choose to draw a card, triggering effects and strengthening their position, or buy a card, improving their deck or scoring points.
The game takes place over four seasons, starting in spring and ending in winter. At the end of winter, the player who has the most points is the winner.

I didn’t know what to expect when I first played the prototype of  The Tea Dragon Society Card Game, but as soon as I’d finished my first round I felt like I’d just spent a dreamy afternoon in the world of the Tea Dragons,” said Katie O’Neill. “Everything fit the lore so perfectly, and it felt so magical and special to have such a thoughtful game based around the world I had made built by talented game designers! It feels so true to the spirit of the story, and I hope that when people play it and raise their Tea Dragons, they’ll make their own memories to share with friends and families.” -Katie O’Neill



  • Based on the Oni Press Graphic Novel The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill.
  • Beautifully illustrated with cute little dragons.
  • Light card game with some deck building concepts.
  • No hidden information makes it kid friendly.
  • Competition for Market and Memory cards but no direct player on player nastiness.
  • Perfect for families.

Contents Summary:

  • Rulebook
  • Comic quick-start rules
  • 4 Tea Dragon cards
  • 1 Mentor card
  • 24 Memory cards (6 cards each for spring, fall, winter, and summer)
  • 28 Market cards
  • 48 Starter cards (12 cards each in 4 decks)

The Tea Dragon Society Card Game is in hobby stores summer 2018. This card game will have an MSRP of $20, is designed for 2-4 players to enjoy in 30-60 min., and will captivate gamers ages 10 and up. 

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Wonderland Announcement for ITTD, 2018!

Wonderland is an
Exclusive International Tabletop Day Game!
ITTD is April 28, 2018!

SAN DIEGO, CA (FEB 16TH, 2018) Renegade Game Studios is pleased to announce our support for Geek & Sundry by participating in International Tabletop Day 2018. We are excited to bring this card game Wonderland to Friendly Local Game Stores for this yearly event! From designer Daniel Solis, Wonderland is a perfect travel game and even comes with its own bag. Don’t let this white rabbit get away, Wonderland will only be available for International Tabletop Day!

Hobby Retail Stores across North America.

Official release: April 28, 2018

International Tabletop Day (ITTD), is a worldwide celebration of tabletop gaming for all members of our incredible community. In its seventh year, the day-long event is filled with gaming events, charity fundraising, and collaborative online entertainment. We encourage you to join the celebration with us on

Saturday, April  28, 2018.

Learn more about Tabletop Day

The Red Queen looms large over Wonderland, with many monsters and other frightful things at her command. Alice and her friends must do their best to ward off the Red Queen’s influence and restore peace.

Choose to play as either Alice or the Red Queen. Place your cards carefully to control areas of Wonderland while taking advantage of your magic items. Once all the cards have been placed, the magic items will modify the value of adjacent cards. Score the final board based on arrangement of the cards. The player with the most points wins!



  • Number of Players: 2 players
  • For Ages: 14+
  • Playing Time: 15-20 min
  • Game Type: Area control, hidden information, Card strategy



  • 18 cards
  • 1 Embroidered Velvet Bag
  • 1 Rules insert

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