Check out Halloween Havoc - A New Free Scenario for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid!

Yo, this is the story of a Halloween night and some foolish little teens are gonna put up a fight!

Another new free monthly scenario for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid has dropped - just in time for the Halloween season! Let’s let designer Jonathan Ying introduce you to the horrors you Rangers will face:

Show us your photos of you playing this spooky scenario on social media and use the hashtags #PlayRenegade and #HalloweenHavoc! Bonus if you throw in your best Pumpkin Rapper style couplet to go with it!

This scenario requires the Green with Evil expansion from the Kickstarter Exclusive box. If you haven’t yet gotten your hands on it, there’s good news: we’re making it available through late pledges from our Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Phase 2 campaign! It’ll only be available to order through the link below until November 1st!

Gates of Delirium Wallpapers are the Perfect Way to Spookify Your Desktop & Phone

It’s #ArtFriday for the Week of Delirium, where we’re featuring Gates of Delirium, a horror-themed board game perfect for the Halloween season!

The game features some beautiful art that creates an immersive and suspenseful game experience. You can download the bundle of wallpapers to dress up your phone or desktop!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Precipice of Sanity Giveaway, where you navigate through a narrative mini-adventure and can enter to win a bundle of games that includes Gates of Delirium!


Gates of Delirium releases October 16th! Ask for it at your friendly local game store!

WATCH: Gates of Delirium Live Playthrough on Man Vs. Meeple

Our amazing friends at Man Vs. Meeple will be joined by Gates of Delirium designers Jordan and Mandy today at noon Eastern Time (9 AM Pacific). You can watch the playthrough here:

In case you missed it, Gates of Delirium is a horror-themed board game releasing October 16th at friendly local retail stores everywhere! Check out this In Focus video of the game from Board Game Geek and learn about how the game to be with this interview with designers Jordan and Mandy!

You can learn more about Gates of Delirium here! Be sure to stop by your friendly local game store next week to pick up your copy!

WATCH: Paladins of the West Kingdom Unboxed!

Heidi Smith jumped in front of the camera earlier this week for a livestream as we unboxed the highly anticipated sequel to Architects of the West Kingdom. Paladins of the West Kingdom releases in friendly local game stores on October 9th so ask for it there!

Paladins of the West Kingdom
 is set at a turbulent time of West Francia's story, circa 900 AD. Despite recent efforts to develop the city, outlying townships are still under threat from outsiders. Saracens scout the borders, while Vikings plunder wealth and livestock. Even the Byzantines from the east have shown their darker side. As noble men and women, players must gather workers from the city to defend against enemies, build fortifications and spread faith throughout the land. Fortunately you are not alone. In his great wisdom, the King has sent his finest knights to help aid in our efforts. So ready the horses and sharpen the swords. The Paladins are approaching.

Game Artist Feature: Matt Frank - Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Phase 2

Comic artist Matt Frank created a lot of the art in Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Phase 2 (which is now on Kickstarter), and we chatted with him about his process and love of Power Rangers. 

We first talked a little bit about his fandom for Power Rangers. As he put it: “While Godzilla and dinosaurs were always my first loves, those elements coalesced when I saw the first commercial for Power Rangers back in 1993. A dinosaur-themed superhero team set my tiny child brain on fire. I was there at ground zero, and followed the Rangers pretty much all the way to today.”

We asked Matt about his process for creating art for the game, and some of the research he did before he started sketching. “When I got the email about working on the game I immediately dove in to studying both Power Rangers Zeo AND the Japanese counterpart, Ohranger. While Zeo was a major part of my childhood, it was a fascinating experience watching Ohranger; the series really starts out as a visceral, harrowing, and surprisingly mature war story more akin to Gundam than previous Power Rangers seasons.”

He noted some of the remarkable design elements of the series: “Watching the Sentai also gives you an appreciation for the really specific design elements that Tsuyoshi Nonaka and the rest of the Japanese artists worked into the character and Mecha designs, like how Pink and Yellow’s zords are actually based on a Moa statue from Easter Island and a Dogu sculpture from ancient Japan, respectively.”

Matt using some references to draw some for the ZeoZords

As a fan of sentai and Power Rangers, he of course collected a number of toys from the shows that ended up paying off when making art for the game. “Luckily enough I had also recently acquired a bunch of classic Zeo toys at various Power Ranger themed events so I had plenty of references there too, like this killer Pyramidas!”

Matt using Pyramidas toy for reference as he sketches.

The game features a lot of Matt’s art, and even pulled in some help. “I worked on the project for just over a month solid...I even worked on the artwork, laying out pencils and then going over them with inks, while on my first vacation to Las Vegas! Josh Perez also came in to help with that tight deadline, providing some excellent colors for a good number of Ranger cards. Josh is a huge Sentai/Power Rangers fan in his own right so he was thrilled to be included!”

Josh contributed to much to Zeo Gold’s art, including these two pieces.

We asked Matt which of the pieces was his favorite to work on: “The zords are probably one of my favorite aspects, getting to play with all of their physical elements, showing off their powers and weapons, really trying to capture that ‘Zeo Majesty’ that the theme song conveyed.

A ZeoZord sketched by Matt Frank

But a few of the Ranger cards really stuck out to me. I loved drawing Tommy punching the Cog’s entire face off. Basically anything where the Rangers got to really abuse the Cogs!”

Tommy Oliver as Zeo Red punching a cog in black and white sketch and in color

When we asked Matt about what color of Power Ranger he’d be, and what his zord would be, he had the answer on lock: “My friends and I have come up with a couple of Ranger teams for fun or in various RPG’s, so that’s provided some inspiration. I would probably be a Green or Black Ranger, because I just like those colors and they tend to be either the edgy or dangerous Rangers (although greens also tend to be goofballs and THAT’S ME!). I would HAVE to be some kind of dinosaur, or something to that tune. A big carnivore, so my zord could TEAR INTO a monster! A T. Rex is a little overplayed, so maybe something like a Spinosaurus or Dimetrodon (not a dinosaur, I know, but roll with me here). Or maybe something weird and obscure like Therizinosaurus!”

You can find art from Matt Frank (and Josh Perez) in Phase 2 of Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid. You can also catch more work from Matt at, on Instagram @mattzilla85, on Twitter @spankzilla85, and on DeviantArt as kaijusamurai!

What Gamers Are Saying About Time Chase - Review Round-Up!

Office politics can be serious business, especially when you’ve cracked the code to time travel and your colleagues are trying to use your invention to travel back in time and take the credit for themselves!

Time Chase is available in stores and is being heralded as an innovative trick-taking game. But don’t take our word for it!

Take a look at this review and overview of play by Chaz at Pair of Dice Paradise:

“I went into GenCon hoping beyond hope that [Time Chase] was going to be an innovative card game that lived up to my expectations. . . And it did not disappoint!” - Chaz

What’s Eric Playing? Well, he’s playing Time Chase and he is a sucker for a time travel theme. As he put it:

“This is a strong contender for my favorite trick-taking game.” - Eric

Considering Time Chase was Eric’s 504th boardgame review, that says a lot!

A hand of cards in Time Chase

Mike Hill of Tabletop Rebellion brought the game back from Gen Con and was one of the first to share his impressions of the game.

Despite his skepticism, he was won over by Time Chase:

“I will be bringing this game to all my game nights from now on” - Mike Hill

That is high praise, indeed.

If you want to see how the game plays, check out this playthrough video from Gen Con featuring Becca Scott and Man Vs. Meeple!

Time Chase is now available at friendly local game stores everywhere!

Ask for it next time you visit your game store.

What is the time-travelling vessel of choice? A star ship? A phone booth? A groundhog? Sound off in the comments!

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Community Fan Feature - Joey Rubino

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid - Back to the Grid coming to Kickstarter September 17th 2019

In case you missed it, we just announced the Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Phase 2 Kickstarter is launching on September 17th!

Through our fantastic community of backers, we were able to bring this game to life. One of the ways we wanted to celebrate that amazing community is to by kicking off a periodic series where we feature the Morphinominal fans in our Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid community on Facebook!

Our spotlight today lands on Joey Rubino - a Power Rangers Kickstarter backer who caught our attention with this photo in the group when he received his backer bundle for Power Rangers; Heroes of the Grid:

joey rubino fb post.png

Joey describes himself as “a 30 year old nerd who loves comics, games, and all that goes along with those topics.” He’s loved Power Rangers for over 25 years, watching the first season when it came out. “My Dad would put it on for me, give me a toaster strudel and I would sit there peeled till it was over.”

His passion for Power Rangers runs deep: he collects replica weapons, morphers and the Power Rangers comic by Boom! Studios. “I love that you take ordinary kids and give them the ability to call upon an ancient power and time after time they risk it all to stop evil.” Of course, given his choice of costume, his affinity for the villains isn’t surprising: “I also have to admit that I love the villains! I have always been a fan of the bad guys!”  

Cosplay is a big way Joey expresses his love for Power Rangers. “Building and wearing my Evo 3 Lord Drakkon has been nothing but fun! To see people react to that costume the way they do is incredible and so flattering!” His Lord Drakkon costume was completely self-constructed, and he’s worked on a number of other Power Rangers costumes.

joey rubino cosplay 4.png

There’s a lot of work that goes into these costumes as they’re hand-made. Joey uses a number of materials, including a PVC material that is heat molded by hand and sculpting clay. The fabric portions are custom dyed to match the costumes and the process is labor-intensive, but with his skill and passion, he can still create a costume in a short period of time, as he told us “I was able to knock out a Magna Defender suit in little under 3 weeks.”

A special thanks to Joey for sharing his story (and photos) with us! You can follow him and check out his cosplays on Instagram!

We’ll continue to find and highlight fans from within our Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid community, so be sure to jump in and share your passion for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid with other Ranger fans there!

New Free Scenario Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid - Invasion

Power Rangers Fans: we’ve just released a new scenario for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid! We’ll be releasing new scenarios every month for free for the community of amazing Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid players so they can continue to explore the game and it’s rich universe with these narrative-driven scenarios.

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid - Scenario #1 - Invasion -  download it now   !

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid - Scenario #1 - Invasion -download it now!

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Phase 2- Back to the Grid - Coming to Kickstarter September 17 2019!

To play, you’ll need Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid and it’s expansion, Shattered Grid! Both are available at friendly local game stores, through our webstore, and will be available in our upcoming Kickstarter!

If you get it to the table, be sure to snap a photo and share it on socials - use the hashtags #HOTGInvasion and #PlayRenegade and we’ll check it out!

Power Rangers; Heroes of the Grid, Shattered Grid, and the Scenario on the Table.

Which of the Power Rangers do you choose to play when you play Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid? Tell us in the comments!

How to Play Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne & Why You'll Love the Game!

Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne released to friendly local game stores this week. For fans who love CCG-style battling or deck-building game fans who love player interaction, this is a game you’ll want to have on your shelf! Check out how to play the game with Dan King (a.k.a. The Game Boy Geek):

This is a game that Becca Scott loves: not only did she tweet about it, but she talked about it on the Victory Points Podcast (timestamp 30:23) proclaiming, “My favorite game from Gen Con is from Renegade Game Studios and designed by [Dire Wolf Digital’s creative team and] Paul Dennen: ETERNAL: CHRONICLES OF THE THRONE!” (No, we didn’t add that emphasis - Becca did proclaim it with an enthusiasm that we can’t capture in text.)

Becca wasn’t the only seasoned gamer who is loving Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne.

Pep MacDonald (who you may have seen in past episodes of Watch It Played) also checked out the game and reviewed it positively.

Now that you know how to play, getting into the nitty-gritty of strategy is going to help you win! Dire Wolf Digital posted several designer diaries that give insight into specific game mechanics that can help you become a better player (and more dangerous foe!)

Warping Cards & The Eternal Throne

Two unique elements in the game are Warping and The Eternal Throne, which twist traditional deck-building and CCG mechanics, taking the best of both worlds!

Pep mentioned these to elements in his quick review, but this designer diary by Dire Wolf Digital’s Paul Dennen goes deeper into how you can take advantage of these two unique elements to conquer your opponents!

Understanding Eternal’s Skills & Battle Dynamics

There are nine skills in Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne. Skills are represented by bolded words, each of which carries a meaning defined in the rulebook and on reference cards provided with the game.

Seven skills create some interesting battle dynamics, so knowing how to take advantage is a key to victory on the table. Learn about all the skills and how they interact on the table in this designer diary!

Customizing your Starting Deck

Nine of the ten cards in your starting deck are the same as your opponents, but one card is unique to your deck: your basic unit card. Your basic unit card will help shape your deck and give you opportunities to capitalize on its uniqueness within your own deck!

Check out how basic units work and get some insight on playing with them effectively in this designer diary from Dire Wolf Digital.

Playing With at 3 & 4 Players at the Table

When it comes to CCG-style games, creating a game where 3 and 4 players can play without teaming up can be an interesting challenge to design for, but the team at Dire Wolf Digital found a solution:

You attack the player to your left, and defend against the player on your right. This multiplayer aspect keeps the the strategic integrity of the game and offers meaningful choices. Learn more in this designer diary!

Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne is available at friendly local game stores near you! Stop by and ask for it there!

Be sure to enter our Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne Watch & Win Giveaway!

Reflecting on Renegade's 5 Years: Scott Gaeta On the Victory Points Podcast

Early on, people would say, “What kind of games does Renegade make?” and I’d always say, “Fun. Fun games.”

- Scott Gaeta

This month, Renegade Game Studios celebrated its 5th anniversary! Scott Gaeta, Renegade’s President and Publisher, dropped by the Victory Points Podcast, hosted by Becca Scott and Jake Michels, to reflect on the company’s history, philosophy and its future, sharing fun stories along the way.

Here are a few timestamped highlights:

  • 3:00 - Scott’s storied history and journey through the game industry, including starting at a friendly local game store, and his work with publishers Decipher, Upper Deck, and Cryptozoic.

  • 9:03 - The driving philosophy for creating and designing licensed games, such as Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid.

  • 11:26 - The philosophy of Renegade Game Studios: We make fun games.

  • 12:30 - The funny story behind how Renegade Game Studios started publishing role playing games with Overlight.

  • 15:25: Some insight into our heavier board games, including upcoming release, Paladins of the West Kingdom.

  • 18:30 - The story of one of our first big titles: Lanterns and how we partnered with our friends at Foxtrot Games.

  • 22:23 - Reverse game pitching: Scott talks about being a publisher who pitches game ideas to designers, and Gates of Delirium emerged as a result of reverse pitching.

  • 26:05 -Strategically using Kickstarter as a game publisher, and how Renegade Game Studios has used Kickstarter.

  • 36:17 - Looking to the future of Renegade Game Studios, Scott reveals a little bit about Vampire: The Masquerade The Expandable Card Game

  • 42:29 - Scott talks about Clank!, our history with our friends and partners at Dire Wolf Digital, and a funny anecdote about how he first played the game as a prototype by himself.

  • 48: 14 - What Scott looks for in a game, and what drew us to ClipCut Parks

  • 53:20 - A little insight about the internal development process and how Terror Below went from a game about meteors falling from the sky to a game about terrifying W.O.R.M.s coming from below.

A special thanks to Becca Scott and Jake Michels for having Scott as a guest on the show! Listen to the entire podcast and be sure to subscribe for more fantastic chats with people who love board games as they talk about board games!

What was the first Renegade Game Studios game you ever played? Tell us in the comments!

The Fantastic Games That Premiered at Gen Con - Renegade Recap Day 2

Mandi and Becca in front of the Renegade Event Room

Gen Con 2019 is wrapped and on the books, and we had a hell of a time with our biggest and best Gen Con yet!

Check out the recap for Day 1 here, featuring Terror Below!

In case you missed some of the exciting things we showcased and announced, here are some highlights to catch you up, even if you couldn’t be in Indy with us! Check back every day this week with highlights from each day of the convention!

Fantastic Games Premiered at Gen Con - Renegade Recap Day 2

Gamers at Gen Con were able to get their hands on a number of exciting games (which will all release in friendly local game stores over this month!)


Hundreds of gamers got their hands on Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne throughout Gen Con by way of  demos, learn-to-play events, and picking up copies!  Designed by the same brilliant creative team who designed the Clank! family of games (Dire Wolf Digital),  Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne combines deckbuilding games and strategy card battlers into an intense strategic experience.

Even Becca Scott got in on the action, playing games with Dire Wolf Digital’s Paul Dennen for a playthough video and tweeting her love and excitement about the game!

Becca Scott and paul Dennen playing Eternal

Gamers also had the chance to get their hands the newest game from J. Alex Kevern. In ArtSee, you are the curator at an art gallery that is expanding.  While you have fine tastes, it is important to be able to provide the experience that your customers are expecting.  During the game, you will build out the art gallery with new exhibits among the four wings of your gallery.  With enough prestige, you will earn the right to display prominent works, drawing in even more visitors.  In the end, the curator with the most prestigious gallery will win! 

Both Becca and Mandi Hutchinson got their hands on the game and each had a fantastic time hanging out with game’s designer, with Becca interviewing Alex for a designer spotlight video and Mandi playing with Alex (and trying to beat him) the game for an upcoming playthrough video. (Be sure to subscribe to the Renegade Game Studios YouTube channel to catch the videos when they go live!)

Gamers also got a chance to get their hands on the highly-anticipated game Time Chase, which twists the trick-taking genre by allowing players to go back into the timeline and change the card they played into a trick, or even go back and change the trump!

A few amazing folks from Man vs. Meeple played the game with Becca Scott for a video playthrough coming soon!

Becca and Man VS Meeple playing Time Chase
Ranger meetup (1).png

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid became available to the wider public with its premiere at Gen Con, and Ranger fans were so excited! Not only did fans come to meet Jonathan Ying (whose other game premiering at the show, Bargain Quest sold out at the Renegade booth) but to share their Ranger Pride and paint miniatures at our fan meetup!

icarus gen con.jpg

The anticipation for the game was high as every Icarus event sold out at Gen Con within hours of being posted (our friends at Hunters Entertainment even added more, which also quickly sold out)!

Game designer Spenser Starke came and signed copies and met with fans, and even jumped into a few games himself.

If you need a reminder of how fantastic Icarus meld the tangible and tension-building kinetic element of tower building to roleplaying storytelling, check out Geek & Sundry’s Game the Game and How to Play videos!

Paul and Joanna Signing Overlight Ivory Mausoleum

Co-Designer Paul Alexander Butler and artist Joanna Barnum made time  during the hectic Gen Con schedule to meet with Overlight Fans and sign copies of the newest adventure in the Overlight series: The Ivory Mausoleum.
Our event featuring the new adventure sold out at the convention, with players taking their kaleidoscopic fantasy heroes into this adventure that can be played as both a standalone one-shot or as part of a larger campaign.

A happy gamer with their copy of Teens in Space and Kids on Bikes

The first copies of Teens In Space were made available at Gen Con, and fans were excited to grab a copy of the sci-fi roleplaying game powered by the Kids On Bikes system, with happy gamers grabbing getting copies ahead of its retail release on August 28.
With the game’s premiere at Gen Con, the amazing folks at HyperRPG launched their new Teens In Space show!

Mandi and Becca Jumping for Joy in front of the Renegade Game Studios event room

If you want to know more and stay in the loop, be sure to join the Renegade Society newsletter and Facebook Group!

We also had Becca Scott and Mandi Hutchinson join us at Gen Con, where we filmed gameplay videos and designer interviews from Gen Con!

Be sure to subscribe to our
YouTube channel to get notified when those videos get posted!

Terror Below's Solo Mode Brings Narrative Immersion For A Unique Gameplay Experience - Designer Diary from T.C. Petty III

Terror Below on the Table

We love solo gamers, here at Renegade Game Studios, and many of our games feature solo modes, or are specifically designed for solo players, like Proving Grounds, the first of our Solo Hero Series game lineup.

T.C. Petty III, designer of Terror Below’s solo mode and developer for the game, was kind enough to share some thoughts on the approach to the immersive and solo mode of Terror Below, and why it brings even more gameplay value.

Check out his thoughts!

T. C. here. Developer on Terror Below and unapologetic solo gamer. 

Hopefully everyone is trembling with anticipation for Terror Below, a game where you get to explode sandworms by launching a Snowplow with a Potato Gun. However, if you aren't yet quaking with the intensity of the upcoming release, I'm here today to talk about the development and features of the solo mode that is included in every box.

I love a good solo game, but taking a pulpy action game made with multiplayer in mind and adding a solo variant carries with it some challenges. How do you simulate the ultimate randomizer (human beings), while also ramping up the excitement to create an engaging single player experience? And not only that - how do you do that in a way that players don't have to read and learn a ton of new rules?

Many solo players use the solo game as a way to test drive the main game before teaching and playing the game with their group. So, a big goal for most solo modes is going to be minimizing rules changes to core gameplay. If you could change one rule and have a fantastic solo experience, that'd be the best. Which is exactly why Terror Below solo creates the "Terror Turn" - basically a turn for the bad guys - which consists of rolling two dice. It makes resolving the enemy turn easy and quick, so that you can get back to the best turn (your turn) as soon as possible. And a worm is guaranteed to attack every turn! It adds some tense moments and a dynamic timer to the game, but also is familiar as an opponent's turn so that once you've played solo, it should be easy to jump into the standard game.

Terror Below
Only 9 available
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But, on the flipside, when I play a solo game, as an extremely discerning game consumer, I demand something special! If it's simply the same game as the multiplayer game, well then why would I play the inferior version and instead just play with all my friends. That's why Terror Below has several scenarios for players to attempt, each with their own difficulty level. It gives you a thematic story introduction and a special challenge that only happens when you play the solo game. I wrote them too, so I think they're very well-written and amazing. Each new story is a race against time to complete objectives; whether it's killing every type of worm (for research of course), or delivering worm eggs before they hatch. 

I'm really excited to see players take on a new Squad of characters with each scenario and see how the different special abilities and items really shine when you're forced to puzzle out your situation. You'll discover some sick combos that will devour the competition in the standard mode too!

Sometimes you gotta hunt worms alone. I hope when you crack open your copy of Terror Below, you take a chance to brave the desert sands in the solo mode and truly test your mettle. It's been a rough ride, and it's about to get rougher.


More Terror Below Goodness!

Terror Below Coming Soon!

Terror Below Invades Gen Con! Gen Con Day 1 - A Renegade Recap

Mandi Hutchinson & Becca Scott in front of the Renegade Game Studios Event room

Gen Con 2019 is wrapped and on the books, and we had a hell of a time with our biggest and best Gen Con yet!

In case you missed some of the exciting things we showcased and announced, here are some highlights to catch you up, even if you couldn’t be in Indy with us! Check back every day this week with highlights from each day of the convention!

Terror Below Takes Over Gen Con!

Terror Below on the Table

W.O.R.M.s were everywhere - on the bags, on our door, and obviously below ground when the doors opened to kick off Gen Con 2019!

The halls opened as hundreds of excited gamers rushed in to pick up new and exciting games.

We kicked off the convention with a Terror Below launch party where Mike Elliott, Eric Hibbeler, and Banana Chan met with fans and signed their games. Over 350 gamers came to play, meet the game’s creators, and hunt some W.O.R.M.s!

We also featured Terror Below as part of Pop Up Gen Con, where retailers were able to bring the Gen Con experience close to gamers who couldn’t make it out to Indianapolis. Hundreds of people got in on the fun over the weekend with the game.

In case you missed it, Terror Below is a game of government experiments gone wild in the Nevada desert.

The faster you move, the more vibrations you make, attracting the attention of the vicious W.O.R.M.s underground. Navigate the difficult terrain to collect valuable W.O.R.M. Eggs and deliver them to Locations around town to claim bounties. If you’re feeling lucky, collect items and weapons to go hunt ‘em.

If you didn’t get in on the W.O.R.M. hunting action, you can still get your hands on Terror Below before it’s full retail release on August 21st - just ask your friendly local game store if they’re participating in the Terror Below early release program! They’ll have promos to grab when the game has its early release tomorrow, August 7th.

If you want to know more and stay in the loop, be sure to join the Renegade Society newsletter and Facebook Group!

Mandi and Becca jumping for joy at Gen Con

We also had Becca Scott and Mandi Hutchinson join us at Gen Con, where we filmed gameplay videos and designer interviews from Gen Con!

Be sure to subscribe to our
YouTube channel to get notified when those videos get posted!

Origins Game Fair 2019 - A Renegade Recap

origins logo.png

Origins Game Fair is now done and on the books, and we had a fantastic time showing new and exciting games, connecting with gamers, and even teasing some stuff coming out soon! If you couldn’t make it, we’ve got you covered!

Hot & Bestselling Games

We brought new and beloved games with us to Origins and gamers snapped them right up from under us! We showed off Lanterns Dice and painted up some Power Rangers from Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, built characters for Kids on Bikes on stream with our friends at Game Trade Media, did a first look of the game with friends at Twist Gaming, and demoed it and many others at our booth!

In the world of RPGs, we ran events in the Champaign room for Overlight, Kids on Bikes, and Outbreak Undead all weekend, including our special Free RPG Day modules, and we sold out of Kids On Bikes!

Speaking of other sellout games, gamers emptied out our stocks of Architects of the West Kingdom, and The Tea Dragon Society Card Game (both of which are currently available at local game stores and our webstore) as well as the early release copies of Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated - Upper Management Pack, Bubble Tea, Proving Grounds and Lanterns Dice! That’s 7 sellout games at the event!

If you couldn’t get your hands on these games, you’ll be able to get them at your friendly local game store (all either now available or releasing this month) or order them for direct delivery to you or for pickup at Gen Con.

The Tea Dragon Society Card Game wins Best Family Game at the Origins Awards

We were humbled by our two nominations in the Best Family Game category, and were honored that the judging panel selected The Tea Dragon Society Card Game for the award! We were thrilled to share the stage with friend and co-designer of The Tea Dragon Society Card Game, Steve Ellis of Oni Games when accepting the award. (A special thanks to Steve for also shouting out Aquicorn Cove while on stage - we can’t wait to get this game out to fans!)

Previews of Upcoming Games!

We also spent some time with our friends at Board Game Geek to geek out about games. We chatted about Bubble Tea (releasing soon to friendly local game stores near you), as well as upcoming games you’ll be seeing at Gen Con that are available for pre-order now: Time Chase and ArtSee! Check out the stream below to learn about these exciting upcoming games.

Thanks to everyone who made Origins Game Fair 2019 fun, fantastic and exciting. A special shoutout to those of you who stopped by our booth to say hello, our fantastic demo staff who worked so hard to make it a great event for us, and the volunteers and staff at Origins who made the weekend possible!

Why We’re Providing Replacement Decks for Proving Grounds

A message from Scott Gaeta, Renegade Game Studios’ President and Publisher, regarding Proving Grounds:

We are so excited to be launching Proving Grounds this month. A talented team, including designer Kane Klenko, storybook writer Monica Valentinelli, and artist Matthew Dobrich, came together to create an immersive world and unique solo game experience that is launching our Solo Hero Series. It’s a remarkable game and we want everyone to experience and enjoy it.

Unfortunately, we have discovered a problem with the first copies of Proving Grounds. Some of the cards intended to be in the deck are missing and instead have harder cards in their place. This does NOT make the game unplayable or unwinnable. It does make the game harder than intended, especially in Training Mode.

Any customer who has a version of this first printing copy can send us a customer service request and we’ll send a replacement deck at no charge.

We are currently producing replacement decks for all customers affected by this problem. The cost of this unfortunate error will exceed $10,000 for us to fix but we wouldn’t be okay with the game not being the experience we intended it to be.

The game will still be on local game store shelves on the 26th of this month, as well as being available at the Renegade booth at Origins.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Update for clarity: The deck we are replacing is the 30-card Enemy Deck in Proving Grounds. All other components of the game will remain unaffected and the new Enemy Deck customers will receive will fully replace the old Enemy Deck fully (no need to swap out individual cards).