Renegade to Publish Topiary in 2018

Oct 23rd, 2017 (San Diego, CA) - Renegade Game Studios, a premier publisher of quality board games, announced today that they will be publishing Topiary, a beautiful botanical game. Originally published through the Italian company, Fever Games, Topiary will now be available worldwide. This delightful game recently won the Italian Game of the Year award and was designed and illustrated by Danny Devine.

It’s a fabulously sunny day – the perfect occasion for folks to visit the new topiary garden on the outskirts of town! Nothing spells a relaxing weekend like enjoying sculptures created with the assistance of nature herself.

The garden can get quite crowded at times, though, so it’s up to you to make sure your visitors have a good experience with these beautiful botanicals. You’ll want to place your visitors in the best positions along the outer edge of the garden and rearrange the sculptures strategically to give your visitors the most spectacular view of the landscape!

"We're incredibly excited to bring this game to a larger audience," states Scott Gaeta, President of Renegade Game Studios. "Danny Devine has created such a beautiful, clever family game and we can't wait to share it with our fans." 

Topiary will be available worldwide in English in early 2018. Two to four garden enthusiasts, ages 10 and up will enjoy racing through the garden in 15-30 min. 

Find out more about Topiary here!

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Dragon's Hoard Releasing Nov. 1st!

What color are your sheep?

Dragon's Hoard will be available on Nov. 1st at friendly local game stores!  Collect colorful sheep, gain valuable treasures, and defend your lairs from other greedy dragons! 


In Dragon's Hoard, each player plays a dragon hunting for treasure. Collect chromatic sheep from the farmer's fields and use them to acquire marvelous treasures, but watch out! Other players will send angry mobs and wizards your way to stop you. Defend yourself and battle your way to riches.


Draft cards from a common draw pile before taking actions each turn. Purchase as many treasures as possible using the cards in your hand. Dragons buy treasures with sheep that they've collected, while opponents will play terrible actions against you to keep you from tending those sheep. Battle to keep your treasure, while preventing your opponents from doing the same.

At the end of the game, the player with the most victory points from treasures and bonuses wins!

Read the full rulebook here!
Visit the Dragon's Hoard page here!

ESSENtial Retailer Summit 2017


Oct. 16th, 2017 (San Diego, CA) Renegade Game Studios, a leading boarding game publisher,  is proud to announce the first annual ESSENtial Retailer Summit to be held during the Internationale Spieltage in Essen, Germany. Retailers are invited to join several publisher presenting during the day to learn about upcoming products and programs.

"We are excited to have this incredible opportunity to connect with our European retailer partners," remarks Sara Erickson, Director of Sales and Marketing at Renegade Game Studios.  "As a new company, we've been growing very fast and look forward to including our European partners in our future plans."

The event will be held from 10:00 - 14:00 on Saturday, Oct. 28th in the Rheinland Room in the Messe Essen. Participating retailers will enjoy this free event and receive information from a variety of professional publishing companies. 

Please join us to learn about new games, promotions, and upcoming events!

10:00-10:30 Games Workshop
10:40-11:10   Alderac Entertainment Group
11:20-11:50    WizKids
12:00-12:30  Renegade Game Studios
12:30-13:10   IELLO
13:20-13-50  CMON

The Rheinland room can be found here: Messe Essen Map! 

For information about Renegade Game Studios please visit:

Renegade Game Studios and Oni Press to release The Tea Dragon Society Card Game

San Diego, CA (October 3, 2017) —Renegade Game Studios and Oni Press are proud to announce The Tea Dragon Society Card Game designed by Steve Ellis and Tyler Tinsley.  Adapted from the Oni Press original graphic novel by Katie O’Neill, The Tea Dragon Society Card Game is a game which entwines players into the enchanting world of Tea Dragons. This delightful card game is expected to release in 2018. 

Steve Ellis is the co-designer of Railways of the World: The Card Game and owner of Rainy Day Games in Portland, OR. Tyler Tinsley is a talented game and toy designer who has worked on toy projects for licensors such as StarCraft, Borderlands, and Skylanders. Tyler and Steve have previously collaborated on Dicey Goblins. 

"We were instantly attracted to the beautiful artwork within The Tea Dragon Society, and after absorbing the story, we felt compelled to create a game that fits this fantastic world inspired by the creative vision of Katie O'Neill," said Steve Ellis.

"It's our hope that The Tea Dragon Society Card Game gives families and friends the opportunity to create and forge memories while bonding with their very own Tea Dragons," said Tyler Tinsley.

“I’m a huge fan of what Katie O'Neill is doing in comics and have been wanting to work with her in the game space since reading Princess Princess Ever After. I love Katie’s message of inclusiveness and the way that she represents universal human experiences in a way that’s both relatable and charming,” said Scott Gaeta, president of Renegade Game Studios. “With The Tea Dragon Society Card Game, we look forward to introducing the world and characters Katie created to a new audience through games. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Oni Press again and to welcome Katie to the Renegade family.”

“I didn’t know what to expect when I first played the prototype of The Tea Dragon Society Card Game, but as soon as I’d finished my first round I felt like I’d just spent a dreamy afternoon in the world of the Tea Dragons,” said Katie O’Neill. “Everything fit the lore so perfectly, and it felt so magical and special to have such a thoughtful game based around the world I had made built by talented game designers! It feels so true to the spirit of the story, and I hope that when people play it and raise their Tea Dragons, they’ll make their own memories to share with friends and families.”

The Tea Dragon Society Card Game is slated for release Spring 2018. The Tea Dragon Society graphic novel will be released in the comics market on October 18, 2017. 


Raiders of the North Sea Expands!

San Diego, CA (September 27th, 2017) — Renegade Game Studios is pleased to announce two expansions for the acclaimed Raiders of the North Sea from Garphill Games. These two expansions add new options and challenges for players as they test their raiding skills in the Kennerspiel des Jahres nominated Raiders of the Noth Sea. Both expansions require Raiders of the North Sea to play and are expected to release Q4 2017. 

Hall of Heroes

In Raiders of the North Sea: Hall of Heroes, a mead hall has been constructed, attracting a new breed of adventurers. Each raid brings new quests for the daring to endure. But with mead in abundance, there is little room for the wary. So sharpen your axe and ready your shield, there are new adventures awaiting!

Hall of Heroes brings in new ways of gaining resources, acquiring crew and scoring Victory Points. After each raid, a new Quest is placed onto the Board. To complete a Quest, players will need to send (discard) warriors from their hand of a certain strength value. Once completed, the Quest is placed above a Player's Board and will score Victory Points at the game's end. Each Quest also rewards players with Iron, Gold, Silver and other resources. Players can also collect Mead, which can be spent during a raid to fuel their crew and gain even more strength in battle!

Fields of Fame

In Raiders of the North Sea: Fields of Fame, enemy jarls have joined forces to help defend against the onslaught of raids on their settlements. But despite their threats, there is fame awaiting those who seek to kill or subdue them. Encountering a jarl is sure to bring injury, but now is no time for the faint-hearted. Onwards to the battlefield!

Fields of Fame brings a new dynamic into the game with the addition of Jarl tokens being mixed in with the Plunder and Valkyrie. When taking a set of Plunder with 1 or more Jarls, the raiding player must reveal from the draw pile, which Jarls they are encountering. They have the option to kill (for Fame and other rewards), subdue (to recruit them) or to flee. Killing and subduing will bring wounds to a players crew, but fleeing will lose them Fame or Victory Points. Players can also gain Fame by raiding with overpowered crews. When a crew's strength is above the highest tier for scoring Victory Points, players move up with the Fame Track, which scores additional Victory Points at the game's end.


Look for these and Raiders of the North Sea later this year at your favorite local game store